The staff are friendly , very helpful, very organised and don’t push clients to do something they don’t want to do.
the staff a caring and friendly, I get on well with the staff.
love all the staff here.
I have never seen such high calibre staff and I thank each and every one of them. My son is so happy The staff have been truly amazing, thank you on behalf of myself and my son.

Mrs A (Gloucester)
Service user's parent (Gloucester)
' the staff are very friendly and patient when supporting my brother, he was very happy at Naswell Care and had a good relationship with the staff especially his key-worker who is very dedicated to his job,

Mrs H (clients sister)
Service user's parent (Forrest Of Dean)


reports were accurate, and good support plans in place to best meet the client’s needs. I feel that Naswell care is unlike other providers in the way they involve multi-disciplinary teams in their support planning processes.
Social worker (Gloucester City Council)
Feels that the Team and manager work well with the complex client and have a good knowledge of their needs I have always found their responses to issues to be prompt.
Social Worker (Stroud)
Communication with Naswell care has been excellent, the Manager is thoughtful the staff are compassionate resourceful and are greatly respected, Support plans are of good quality and offered for comment before finalising.
Care Co-ordinator (Gloucester CLDT)
I really appreciate the support the Manager and the clients Key- worker provided in getting to know the service user, working together and sharing ideas in the interest of the service user. The manager’s friendly and open approach makes it easy to build a good working relationship with. The service user’s happiness is due to the work done by the clients key-worker.
Social Worker (Forest of Dean)
My experience of management and staff has been positive. Staff appear to know my service user very well and have good relationship with her. Staff provide professional boundaries but will also go the extra mile when needed to ensure service users are supported.

Ms R (Social Worker Gloucester)
Social Worker Learning disabilities Gloucester
'The team was professional and worked well with the service user by identifying her ever changing needs, creating strategies and tailoring her care to meet them', 'The managers who were professional and a pleasure to work with are Well respected by our team'.

Learning disabilities intensive support services (Gloucester).
Ms L Learning Disabilities Nurse (LDISS Gloucester NHS)